These general terms and conditions govern contractual relations pertaining to the sale of individual stays between HUTTOPIA and its clients, in HUTTOPIA glamping. They govern all necessary stages involved in booking a stay and payment, as well as their supervision by the contracting parties. HUTTOPIA makes all best efforts so as its commercial documents and notably its, publicities, and catalogues be as faithful as possible to the services on offer. It is, however, possible that the Client’s perception of the photographic representation of our services does not exactly correspond to the services themselves. Photographs are therefore provided solely as a guide. The General Terms and Conditions are notably accessible on the WEBSITE (


“WEBSITE” refers to the website at, published by Huttopia China.

“ACCOMMODATION” refers to all types of accommodation (chalets, tents, etc.) offered for rental by HUTTOPIA.

“STAYS” refers to the offer of ACCOMMODATION, where applicable accompanied by free or paid-for ancillary services.

“CLIENT” is used to refer to any person booking a STAY and/or services offered by HUTTOPIA on the WEBSITE or on Huttopia’s WeChat mini program, with phone, email, using the booking portals, or directly with the glamping. The CLIENT hereby acknowledges to be capable of entering into agreement, namely of being of legal adult age and not concerned by any protection measure, or, failing which, to have the authorization by his/her legal guardian or tutor where necessary. INTEGRALITY


The purpose of these general terms and conditions is to define the rights and obligations of the parties in connection with rental accommodations and services offered by HUTTOPIA glamping.


The Customer acknowledges having received, prior to reservation, these general conditions of sale, rental and stays.
The customer has access to all the information online or can request explanations on site by telephone or by electronic means.


a) Staying at Rental Accommodations:

The description, the rental periods and the price can be found on the website.
i) The price of the rental of a lodging includes the rental of accommodation, according to the number of people (depending on capacity), the utility charges (water, gas, electricity), access to the reception services, swimming pool (during the opening dates), playgrounds, other free facilities and activities offered.


b) Provision of Accommodation:

Rentals are available from 3 pm on the day of arrival and must be vacated before 12 noon on the day of departure.
In case of early arrival and depending on availability on the site, everything will be done to reduce the Customer’s waiting time.


All customers is registered in real names; No transfer or subletting is allowed without the prior consent of HUTTOPIA


The rates are dynamic and may change as the season progresses, in different changes and in different times. HUTTOPIA can not be held responsible for any difference in cost between two stays booked for the same period.
The prices indicated on the site are in CNY, VAT included at the rate in force at the time of the receipt of the deposit and the full price.
The total price includes the rental accommodation, additional service fee, surcharge in terms of booking and cancellation. The total price will be listed before the customer confirm the booking from website, Wechat mini program or other channels.
Any change or modification of rates as well as any changes in the taxes applicable to the stay, at the date of invoicing, may be reflected on the price of the stay.
If the VAT rate changes, it will automatically be added to the invoice price on the date of settlement. Legally compliant taxes and charges will also be automatically added to the invoice price on the date of settlement.


Promotional offers are subject to certain conditions including availability.

Furthermore, price reductions or promotional transactions may not be accumulated unless otherwise stated.
On such occasions, it is possible that for the same stay, any two Customers may have paid different prices.

The Customers who have paid the higher price will in no case be entitled to a refund of the difference between the price they paid and the promotional price.


a) Booking Conditions

The Customer may book the accommodation and other services online, by telephone or by mail.
Whatever channel is chosen, the reservation becomes effective only after written confirmation of booking by Huttopia by e-mail or by SMS and, after receipt of the full payment of the accommodation, service fee and other surcharges. The written confirmation indicates the details of the accommodation and services included.


b) Huttopia Website or Wechat Mini Program Bookings

Concerning online bookings, in order for the order to be validated, the Customer must accept, by clicking in the indicated place, the present general conditions and confirm his/her payment.
Following the reservation, the Customer will receive a confirmation by e-mail or SMS containing the details of his/her stay (content of the services, dates and duration, prices and terms of payment).


A legal and valid invoices to customers by HUTTOPIA in accordance with the laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China.


The allocation of rental accommodation is carried out without distinction in the order in which reservations are booked.

The Management can in no way guarantee that the designated location or the rental requested by the Customer will be allocated to him/her unless the latter chooses the “preference” option at the time of booking.

If the accommodation / location of his/her choice is available, it will be assigned to him/her and, in return, he/she will have to pay an additional rate.
Nevertheless, in case of force majeure, HUTTOPIA reserves the right to modify the allocation of the location or rental.


a) Modification by The Customer:

Any changes to dates, destinations or type of accommodation are considered as changes to the reservation. Extension of the booking are not permitted.
If the total amount of the booking after the change is higher than the original price, the customer will be required to pay the balance.
On the contrary, the balance won’t be compensated to the customer.

The possibility of changing the booking depends on different occasions.

Bookings can be changed through email (send email request to: in the following cases:
– Regular bookings can be changed until 7 days before the arrival date.
– Bookings made at a promotional rate can be changed until 14 days before the arrival date.
In such a case, HUTTOPIA will make every effort to accede to this request according to availability. This change request may subject to a surcharge in addition to the cancellation/modification fee.


b) Modification by Huttopia:

HUTTOPIA will make every effort to provide the customer with similar accommodation and service. In such exceptional cases, the customer may choose to accept the change or terminate the agreement and be reimbursed for all fees already paid.


a) Cancellation by Huttopia (Expect in Cases Of Force Majeure):
For the cancellation made before customer departure from their place of residence, HUTTOPIA will send cancellation notice through email or SMS and refund the sums paid. For the cancellation made after customer departure from their place of residence, HUTTOPIA will offer the customer an equivalent and refund the overpayment if any due to the change of the accommodation.


b) Cancellation (Total or Partial) by The Customer:

Cancellation upon a regular booking (regular and changeable price):
For any stay cancelled until 7 days (no including 7 days) before the arrival date, no cancellation fee will be charged.
For any stay cancelled within 7 days (including 7 days) before the arrival date, the total amount of the stay is due and charged.
Customer must notify HUTTOPIA by sending an email request to: The date of receipt of the cancellation will determine any cancellation fees. Failing this, the Customer will be required to pay the sums due under the contract.
Regardless of the date of cancellation charged, the costs of the files and any possible insurance premiums are not refundable.


Failure to use the services provided during the stay can not be refunded.


In the absence of a Customer message acknowledging receipt, specifying that he/she has been obliged to defer the date of arrival, location or accommodation become available for resale 24 hours after the date of arrival under the rental agreement, and the full payment of the stay remains required.
No reduction will be granted in the case of an early departure in rental.


Any free or paid activity mentioned on our website and WeChat mini program, in an email or proposed on site may, under certain circumstances,

be modified or cancelled upon your arrival on the site.


Unaccompanied minors are not accepted on HUTTOPIA sites.


A single pet is admitted per accommodation, subject to payment of a flat fee per day. The Customer must indicate this when booking or when arriving on site.
Pets are not allowed to move around freely and must be kept on a leash. They are not allowed in the public rooms (restaurant, activity area, bar, swimming pools). They are allowed on following conditions: with valid vaccination against rabies. The customer must bring the animal’s health record and comply with the rules of procedure of each site. Dangerous or aggressive animals and “new pets” are not accepted.


In order to facilitate the stay of all our Customers, internal regulations are available at the reception of each of our sites.

We kindly request our Customers to familiarize themselves with and respect these regulations In the case of the obvious non-respect of this regulation, the Site Manager may impose penalties up to the termination of the contract.


HUTTOPIA declines all responsibility in case of theft and deterioration of the personal objects in the accommodation as well as in the common premises. The customer shall not leave any important objects (passport, credit card, etc), jewelries or other valuable belongings (phone, ipad, camera, etc) in the accommodation or any area at the campsite. HUTTOPIA can not be held liable in the event of theft or damage to the Customer’s personal objects except in the event of proven failure of the campsite to its contractual obligations.


Children over 12 years old and over 1.4 meters height may use the swimming pool or kids’ pool under the supervision of an adult. While children below 12 years old or under 1.4 meters height are not allowed to use the swimming pool but can use the kids’ pool under the supervision of an adult. Parents will be responsible for all activities in the pool area for children below 12 years old. Children below 3 years old must wear disposable diaper.


Different facilities or activities are subject to environment condition or venue capacity, such as sauna, spa, activities held in the campsite, etc. Please consult the reception before using or registering for an event.
The customer shall take own risk of using/participate any facilities and activities from HUTTOPIA.
The customer should aware and assume the risk when participate any sports or similar activities which occurs the possibility of personal injury. HUTTOPIA declines all responsibility in case of any loss or injury caused by such situation.


At HUTTPIA glamping site, smoking is prohibited in public indoor spaces, guest rooms and areas with specific signs.


Any images and wording used in the HUTTOPIA brochure or on the official website are non-contractual and they are provided as a reference only.
It may happen that the activities or facilities described in the brochure or on the official website are not available, particularly due to certain weather conditions or force majeure.


Any force majeure (i.e. the situation cannot be controlled, predicted and avoided after the agreement was signed.) will cause the suspension of the obligations in the agreement between the parties.
The party claiming the occurrence of s the force majeure shall immediately notify the other party in written. Both parties should review the impact of the case agree on the conditions for the resumption of the agreement if necessary.
The agreement will be officially terminated if the force majeure lasts for more than three weeks.
All circumstances beyond the control of the parties which prevent the execution obligations under normal conditions are deemed to release the parties from their obligations and lead to their suspension.
Force majeure shall be deemed to be all external cases or circumstances which are unforeseeable, unavoidable and beyond the control of the parties and which, despite all reasonable efforts, could not have been prevented. Such as storms, floods, thunders, earthquakes, fires, network disruptions, transportation or supply chain disruptions, epidemics or outbreaks of disease.


When customers use the website or mobile devices to make reservations or other activities, HUTTOPIA will process personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Policy.


The customer has responsibility to receive and pay for necessary documents such as passport, visa and vaccination. The customer has responsibility to obtain all necessary entry visas where applicable. HUTTOPIA cannot be held responsible if your cancellation due to the missing entry documents. Wherever your destination is, we recommend that you seek expert travel advice on hygiene issues before you travel. Please consult the official department for information.


If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is held to be invalid or declared to be invalid or unenforceable by law, a regulation or as a result of a final decision of a court of competent jurisdiction, the other stipulations will maintain their full force and scope.


Notwithstanding any other agreement, to the extent permitted by applicable law, HUTTOPIA shall not be liable to the customer for any consequential loss or damage, or for any loss of profit, revenue, reputation and business opportunity.
Whether there is any other agreement, the liability of HUTTOPIA to the customer under the General Conditions of Sale or any other contract between HUTTOPIA and the Client shall be limited to the total amount paid by the customer to HUTTOPIA for the services, whether the liability arises in contract, tort, negligence or other reasons.


The accommodations and services offered by HUTTOPIA glamping are subject to the application of the local law where the glampling site based. In case of dispute or claim regarding any loss t will be dealt by local court.